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Do your daily guild quests! :D
At least once a day. 

Where do I get Guild Quests?
-Go to Aven
-Press 'm' then go to the NPC drop down menu and look for Guild Quest Off.
-Press Autoroute
-Talk to him and buy the Highest level quest that you can do.
-Complete the quest and get your reward!

Why should I do Guild Quests?
-It helps the guild get fame. The more fame our guild gets the faster it levels. When a guild levels it receives new features.
-You get money and experience from the quest!

When does our guild level?
-When we get 2000 fame.
Guild News

We will be kicking out people!! Please read!

Exefight, Jul 14, 11 10:53 PM.
On July 14, we will kick players who are level 1.
On July 15, we will kick players who are level 5 and under.
On July 16, we will kick players who are level 10 and under.
On July 18, we will kick players who are level 15 and under.
On July 24, we will kick players who are level 18 and under.
On July 26, we will kick players who are under level 20 and we will change our guild requirements so only level 20+ can join.

Why are you doing this?
-To get rid of inactive players and to pump high level players into the guild.
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